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18-19 Student Supply List

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18-19 student supply list


Enarson Elementary & SWV Middle School 2018-2019 Supply List

All Elementary Students:  Tennis shoes are needed for gym activities.

The following is a list of the basic materials and supplies required by each grade level.  Individual teachers may have 

a few other requirements, which they will tell the students about during the year.  Students are responsible for having 

the proper supplies at school as required by the teacher.  Each item should be marked with the student's name unless 

otherwise noted. 


Preschool (3 year old class)

1 regular sized backpack                               1 two pocket folder

1 pair blunt scissors                                       1 box crayons, no larger than 24

1 box gallon size Ziploc bags                         1 extra pair of clothing, including socks & shoes

2 rolls paper towels


Preschool (4 year old class)

1 regular sized backpack                               1 box crayons, no larger than 24

1 package of markers                                    2 glue sticks (no liquid glue)

2 two pocket folders                                       1 pair blunt scissors

2 dry erase markers                                       2 large container Clorox wipes

2 rolls paper towels                                         1 blanket for naptime

1 extra pair of clothing, including socks & shoes

Headphones (bring in a Ziploc bag, please no ear buds)



1-box crayons (No larger than 24 count)

4 oz. glue                                                        

1 large eraser                                                 1 pair blunt scissors

24 regular width pencils                                  

1 Backpack/School Bag                                 1 paint shirt (any shirt)

Clorox Wipes (or a generic brand)                 8 count markers

2 large boxes Kleenex (to be shared with class)

Soft-Zipper Pencil Case (Please no boxes)

Sony children’s headphones or headphones made specifically for smaller children (Please no ear buds)



1 8 oz. Elmer’s glue, no larger than 8 oz.                   1 large eraser

30 pencils (some will be stored for later)

2 packages of pencil top erasers (one will be stored)

8 count medium-tip markers

8 count fine-tip markers                                                Paint shirt

2 black dry-erase markers                                          One old sock (to erase dry erase boards with)

Scissors                                                                       Plastic pencil box

2 large boxes of Kleenex                                             Headphones (no ear buds, please)

2-24 count boxes crayons (one will be stored)            2-2 pocket, heavy cardboardfolders          

1 box colored pencils                                                    1 large container Clorox type wipes

If you would like to donate a box of gallon Ziploc bags, it would be greatly appreciated.


2nd grade 

20 pencils (some will be stored)                                     Scissors      

1 8 oz. glue                                                                     4 pocket folders

2 large boxes of Kleenex                                                2 colored pens

1 container antibacterial wipes                                       Pencil box/case

2 packages of pencil top erasers (one will be stored)   1 big eraser

2-24 count crayons (one will be stored)                         One old sock (for eraser)

8 count washable medium-tip markers                          Paint shirt (for art)   

1 pair headphones                                                          4 dry-erase markers (Please no Crayola brand)

1 box colored pencils                                                      2 spiral notebooks

Ziploc bags (girls-quart size; boys-gallon size)                                                                     






40 pencils (some will be stored until needed)                                                             

Paint shirt (Please, no smocks)                                             2 red pens

2 large boxes of Kleenex                                                        1 old sock                   

2 pocket folders                                                                      Scissors

1 8 oz. glue                                                                             Pencil box/case

4 dry erase markers                                                               Colored pencils/markers

1 wide-line spiral notebook                                                     1-24 count crayons

1 ruler w/inches & centimeters                                               Headphones   

1 wide-lined composition notebook                                         1-pkg pencil top erasers

1 container of disinfectant wipes                                            1 box snack size baggies

1 glue stick                                                                              




40 #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)                                   Pencil case or box

Dry erase markers (Please no Crayola brand)                     Fabric storage cube for cubby (11”Lx10.5”Wx10.50”H

Markers and/or crayons or coloring pencils                          Headphones (ear buds preferred for storage)

Scissors                                                                                  3 folders

Glue stick                                                                                1 package pencil top erasers

1 wide rule spiral notebook                                                     Girls:  Clorox wipes

2 composition notebooks                                                        Boys:  Two boxes of Kleenex                                    




3 glue sticks, any color (no liquid glue)                                  2 packs of lined loose leaf paper

Scissors                                                                                 2 wide lined composition notebooks 

Colored pens, blue or black is fine                                         Paint shirt

40 pencils (some will be stored, mechanical is ok)                1 package pencil top erasers

24 count crayons or colored pencils                                      1” binder   

Pink erasers                                                                           Headphones

Pencil box/case                                                                      1 container of disinfectant wipes

6 dry erase markers (to share with the class)                       2 Large boxes Kleenex                                         

6 pocket folders, one purple for music, do not have to be pronged



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